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Meet Visalia's Best New Event Venue Hosts!

Darus and Ida Johnson are heart and soul behind the creation of this enchanting event venue location. Both being native Visalians, their love for service, and dedication to their community is what fuels their passion.

Meet Darus & Ida Johnson, the heart and soul behind the Circle J Venue event location.
Meet Darus & Ida Johnson, the heart and soul behind the Circle J Venue event location.

Darus and Ida's Journey 💍

Having already been married for four years, Darus and Ida Johnson were searching for a way to bring people together, without levying the heavy financial strain that usually plays a role in preventing families and communities from fellowshipping together. They started by renting out their spacious land to customers for family reunions, weekend barbecues, and evening bonfires. Their fee was so affordable, and the space so versatile, that word quickly caught on. They expanded to children’s birthday parties; interest soared. Their latest event was a women’s retreat with over 150 guests in attendance! The journey to establishing Circle J Venue is a testament to this dynamic duo’s commitment to their community and their passion for bringing people together.

About Circle J Venue 🪩

Circle J Venue is a sprawling property that boasts a lush grassy area complete with charming water fountains, gazebos, and patio tables, enhancing the fairy-tale ambiance. The large stage/deck (10' x 16') is perfect for hosting music bands or special speakers, making it an ideal spot for performances, or ceremonies. Additionally, the cement area (45' x 30') offers ample space for dancing or catering, ensuring that every aspect of your event is covered. The firepit area is perfect for evening gatherings, while the vintage playground (over 40' x 48') adds a nostalgic element that guests of all ages can enjoy. Adding to the venue's charm is a private whimsical garden, which measures 64' x 23' and 6.5", providing a secluded space perfect for intimate gatherings. One of the standout features is the private indoor bridal suite which can also be used as a green room for event performers. This event venue location has all the right ingredients to make your next occasion a memorable one!

Darus and Ida's Commitment To You 🤍


Darus is a dedicated minister with many years of experience. He is committed to bringing a sense of calm and purpose to every event. His background as a veteran adds a layer of discipline and honor to the way he approaches his work. Ida is the visionary behind the magic. With a natural eye for style and a talent for event creation, she takes pride in helping people turn their dream events into reality. Ida's warm and sympathetic nature is honed through years of being a compassionate listener. This makes her an exceptional hostess who effortlessly connects with guests. Her social nature ensures that every event is not only well-planned but also filled with genuine joy. Together, they believe that every celebration is a unique story waiting to be told, and they take the time to understand their clients’ visions and desires. That is their commitment to you.

Contact Us To Plan Your Next Occassion ☎️


Ready to plan your dream event? Book a call now to customize your event at Circle J Venue. Darus and Ida are eager to help you create an unforgettable experience!

Stay tuned for more updates, tips, and stories from Circle J Venue! Don't forget to check out our gallery here!

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Thanks for sharing! I love getting to know the couple that runs this great event venue location!

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